Amazonista saavutettava

Maailmalta kuuluu mukavia uutisia, kun Amazonin verkkokauppaan ollaan tekemässä perusparannusta, jonka myötä siitä tulee saavutettava kesäkuun loppuun mennessä:

”The National Federation of the Blind and online retailer Amazon, Inc., have announced that work to make fully accessible to blind computer users is to be completed by June 30, 2008. In March of 2007, Amazon entered into a technology development agreement with the National Federation of the Blind pursuant to which Amazon was to attempt to make fully accessible by December 31, 2007.

Because of the complexity of the task, it was recognized that this was an ambitious goal and that problems might be encountered; accordingly, the agreement provided that Amazon could have a six-month extension, if necessary, to complete work on making its Web site fully accessible to blind computer users. Amazon’s Web site has improved; nonetheless, Amazon recognizes that it is not yet fully accessible. Amazon has indicated that it will complete the task within the extended period.”